What is Advanced Energy's fiscal year?

AE is on a calendar year, ending on December 31st.

Where is AE headquartered and where does the company do business?
AE's headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado. We sell our products through direct and indirect sales channels in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our sales operations are primarily located in the United States, Canada, the PRC, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, and Taiwan. In addition to a direct sales force, we have independent sales representatives and distributors that support our selling efforts. We maintain customer service offices at many of the locations listed above, as well as other sites near our customers' locations. We believe that customer service and technical support are important competitive factors and are essential to building and maintaining close, long-term relationships with our customers.
What products does Advanced Energy sell?
Advanced Energy has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power—enabling design breakthroughs and driving growth for leading semiconductor and industrial customers. Read More Here
How can I get additional investor information on Advanced Energy?
How can I get a copy of Advanced Energy's latest annual report or quarterly statement?
Go to our Annual Reports Page.

Go to our SEC Filing Page.
When is the Advanced Energy shareholder meeting and who can attend?
Advanced Energy welcomes all shareholders to its annual meeting held in Fort Collins, CO at the company's headquarters during the May timeframe each year. Complete meeting information is included in the company's annual proxy statement that is mailed with the annual report. Meeting information is also posted on this website under Calendar section.
I have questions regarding my stock certificates. Who can I contact?
For general questions about stock certificates, please contact our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer Trust Company, at 877-777-0800
How do I change my address or title on my Advanced Energy stock certificate?
Our transfer agent can assist you with these changes:
American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
59 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10338
Toll free shareholder line: 877-777-0800
How do I convert my shares of EMCO?
Our transfer agent can assist you with the proper forms to finalize your conversion: American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
59 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10338
Toll free shareholder line: 877-777-0800
How can I participate in quarterly conference calls to discuss financial reports?
Advanced Energy holds quarterly conference calls during the mid to late part of February, April, July and October. The company provides a live webcast of each conference call on this website, with an audio replay available for one week following the call. In addition, all conference call details are included in the financial releases as well as on this website for those participants who prefer to call in via phone.
How do I contact investor relations at Advanced Energy?
Who are the analysts that cover Advanced Energy?
Please visit our Analyst Coverage Page.
How many employees currently work at Advanced Energy?
As of December 31, 2019, Advanced Energy had a total of 10,917 employees.
When was Advanced Energy's IPO and what was the price?
Advanced Energy went public on November 17, 1995 for an offering price of $10.00.
What acquisitions has Advanced Energy made?
Advanced Energy has completed several strategic acquisitions that add critical technologies to its portfolio, primarily in power and flow applications.
Artesyn Embedded Power September 2019 Low Voltage Power Supplies
LumaSense September 2018 Thermal Measurement Solutions
Trek Holdings February 2018 High Voltage Power Solutions
Excelsys Technologies  July 2017 Specialty Power Solutions
UltraVolt August 2014 High Voltage Power Supplies
HiTek Power Group April 2014 High Voltage Power Solutions
Power Control Module January 2014 Thermal Processing
REFUsol 2013 Three-phase String Inverters
PV Powered 2010 PV Grid-Tied Inverters
Litmas 2002 Abatement - Plasma Physics
Dressler HF Technik 2002 RF Power Products
Aera Japan Ltd 2002 Mass Flow Control Products
EMCO 2001 Next Generation Flow Management
Sekidenko 2000 Optical Fiber Thermometry (OFT)
RFPP 1998 RF Market Share & Technology
FST 1998 Remote Diagnostics/Equip Health Monitoring
Tower Electronics 1997 System Power
MIK Physics 1997 High Power - Ion Sources and RF Power
How can I buy or sell Advanced Energy stock?
AE stock is listed on the Nasdaq Global Market stock exchange under the ticker symbol "AEIS." Shares can be purchased or sold from any stock brokerage firm or financial institution that provides brokerage services.
Who is Advanced Energy's independent public accounting firm?
Our auditor is Ernst & Young LLP.
Does Advanced Energy have a direct purchase plan?
At this time, AE does not have a direct purchase plan.
Does Advanced Energy issue dividends or have a DRIP program?
AE does not currently issue dividends. Because we are a growing company, we reinvest cash back into the business to fund key programs such as research and development, so that AE continues to maintain and extend its technology lead. As such, the company does not have a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP).

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